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The small press I’d like to mention today is a new one to me. I discovered this press over the weekend while browsing the 2010 Best Translated Book Award Fiction longlist from Three Percent. First of all, there are some really enticing books on this list. I’m trying to figure out how I can order all or at least most of them…my book-buying budget is getting a little out of control this year (okay, just pretend along with me that it was once under control).

Well, the book that brought me to this new press is Landscape with Dog and Other Stories by Ersi Sotiropoulos (trans. Karen Emmerich).

Here is an excerpt from one of the stories:

Let’s just say that Giacometti was setting out to draw a face. If he started with the chin, he would worry that he might never reach the nose. The longer he sketched the face, the harder he tried to offer a faithful representation of it, the more it resembled a skull. The only thing left was the gaze. So what he ended up drawing was a skull with a gaze.

Looks wonderful, doesn’t it?

The publisher who brings us this tempting bit of prose is called clockroot books. Yes, strange name. The rest of their catalog is equally appealing.

6 Responses to “another small press”

  1. びっくり

    What a fun little mine the small presses are proving to be. I hope you don’t bust your budget. More importantly, I hope you enjoy yourself immensely. For the rest of the day I will be thinking about skulls with gazes. I think I know a few people like that.

  2. Stefanie

    This is a press I have never heard of before. What a great excerpt! I’ll definitely be following that link to their catalog,

  3. Dorothy W.

    I think the Three Percent list is really great too — what a fabulous resource to expand one’s reading.

  4. verbivore

    Jackie – Then definitely check out the link to Three Percent, tons of literature in translation.

    びっくり – I’m certain to bust my budget on books, but this is nothing new. Isn’t that skulls with gazes image just wonderful? I love it.

    Stefanie – Neither had I and I’m very excited to check out some of their other books.

    Jacob – I know, I felt exactly the same way. We’ll have to compare notes once we’ve read them!

    Dorothy – There are so many great books on the Three Percent list, I’ve ordered a couple already but am trying to space things out. I love the diverse literature these presses are making available.

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