What if the Sun… by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz. Skomlin, 2016

WITS cover final

Beauty on Earth by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz. Skomlin, 2013

BOE cover final



  1. Hello
    Thanks to the website of Le Livre sur les quais I found you and your website. You like to read biographies. Let me reommend you the book of my belated husband Fateh Emam, a Swiss writer of Afghan origin. It is called “Au-delà des mers salées… Un désir de liberté”. I am searching to have it translated into English because it would give more people the opportunity to read it. Soon, I will put online a new website on him under The actual one is a little bit outdated.
    I would love to meet you. Maybe in Morges or another time if I cannot make it.

  2. Hello Mme Emam – and thank you for leaving a message. I’ve made a note to find a copy of Au-delà des mers salées and look forward to reading it. If you will get to Morges for the festival, let me know.

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