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I mentioned a while back that The Modern Library will be coming out in August with a long-awaited translation of one of my favorite novels – Amour, Colère et Folie by Marie Vieux-Chauvet. Well, it’s time to start ordering people! The book is available directly from The Modern Library but can also be found on Amazon.

If you need any encouragement to sample this excellent offering of Haitian literature, check out my review of the book just up at The Quarterly Conversation.

10 Responses to “a review up at The Quarterly Conversation”

  1. Mek

    Thanks for this info-
    Amour, Colère et Folie by Marie Vieux-Chauvet will be my first venture into Haitian literature. Was the book written in Haitian Creole or something close to the French of Flaubert or Proust?

  2. verbivore

    Hi Mel, the book is written in contemporary French but with many allusions to Haitian culture and some Haitian vocabulary. It takes place in Haiti as well. It really is a tremendous book and the fact that it’s finally coming out in English is something to be celebrated. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. ds

    You are so bad for the TBR list!!! Stop writing such excellent reviews. (I’ve had to bookmark the journal, too. When am I supposed to read all this stuff??) Hope all is well. 😉

  4. chartroose

    Your Quarterly Conversation review was really good! I wonder if this novel is available as an e-book…hmmm. If so, it will be purchased immediately. If not, I’ll order it snail mail.

    You continue to be my trusted book .”recommender.”

    And, ha, I finally know your name!

  5. verbivore

    ds – The Journal is one of my favorites, they really keep on top of new translations and other non-mainstream books.

    Lillian – I’m glad I’m convincing some people to try Vieux-Chauvet 🙂

    Chartroose – you crack me up, my secret is out! I know the Modern Library has the book available in e-format so have fun!

  6. Dorothy W.

    Very nice review! The book sounds fabulous — thanks for the reminder that the book is now available.

  7. Amateur Reader

    Yes, thanks for the reminder. I’ll admit that I only skimmed your review, since I do plan to read the book.

  8. Ellis

    What’s your opinion about the quality of the translation?

  9. verbivore

    Dorothy – It is a very complex book, and one I’ve read now several times. One of my favorites – although very dark. I wish Vieux-Chauvet were better known. I hope you enjoy it if you get a chance to read.

    Amateur Reader – Oh good, I look forward to your thoughts.

    Ellis – So I haven’t actually read the translation. I suspect it’s quite good and am curious to see it myself. I remember thinking when I read it that it would pose some problems for a translator, but nothing too extraordinary.

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