What are the boundaries between imagination and delusion? What would it be like to learn the life you believed in never really happened?

Awaiting cover art – until then enjoy this beautiful photo of the Puget Sound by Kim & Adam Bamburg of La Vie Photo

For more than twenty years, Ella has learned to live without her mother, learned to forget the woman with paranoid delusions who abandoned their small family the summer Ella turned ten, learned to accept the likely scenario that her homeless mother died on the streets. But when Ella’s father John dies unexpectedly, Ella begins to uncover a series of secrets. The unsettling questions raised by John’s death and Maggie’s unwanted reappearance send Ella on a journey to discover the truth – the truth about the woman who abandoned her and the man who raised her and why they kept their story a secret. This is a novel about loss and forgiveness, about imagination and that gift’s more menacing form, delusion.

Unfurled, Ig Publishing, October 2018

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