What if the Sun… by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz. Skomlin, 2016

WITS cover final

Beauty on Earth by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz. Skomlin, 2013

BOE cover final



2 thoughts on “Translations”

  1. Hello
    Thanks to the website of Le Livre sur les quais I found you and your website. You like to read biographies. Let me reommend you the book of my belated husband Fateh Emam, a Swiss writer of Afghan origin. It is called “Au-delà des mers salées… Un désir de liberté”. I am searching to have it translated into English because it would give more people the opportunity to read it. Soon, I will put online a new website on him under The actual one is a little bit outdated.
    I would love to meet you. Maybe in Morges or another time if I cannot make it.

  2. Hello Mme Emam – and thank you for leaving a message. I’ve made a note to find a copy of Au-delà des mers salées and look forward to reading it. If you will get to Morges for the festival, let me know.

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