I just found out that Nadine Gordimer is coming out with a new book in January: Telling Times; Writing and Living, 1954 – 2008. As the title indicates, this is a compilation of her non-fiction writing spanning fifty years. Here is part of the description from W. W. Norton:

Telling Times, the first comprehensive collection of her nonfiction, bears insightful witness to the forces that have shaped the last half-century. It includes reports from Soweto during the 1976 uprising, Zimbabwe at the dawn of independence, and Africa at the start of the AIDS pandemic, as well as illuminating portraits of Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and many others. Committed first and foremost to art, Gordimer appraises the legacies of hallowed writers like Tolstoy, Proust, and Conrad, and engages vigorously with contemporaries like Achebe, Said, and Soyinka.

This looks just wonderful. And not that this will be surprising to anyone, but I have already ordered my copy.