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Just heard about Julie Orringer’s first novel The Invisible Bridge which came out this month. Sounds fantastic. I loved her collection of short stories, How to Breathe Underwater.

Just ordered Adam Thirwell’s The Delighted States and Hermione’s Lee’s Body Parts. It seems I’m craving some good literary chit-chat.

Just started Ella Maillart’s La Voie Cruelle about her road trip from Switzerland to Afghanistan in 1939 with her friend Christina (Anne-Marie Schwarzenbach, who was fighting a nasty drug addiction). Two women camping along the side of the road at such a time period and completely unchaperoned…makes for a great read.

Just finished chapter one of Sten Nadolny’s The Discovery of Slowness. Love the texture of the writing, love the perspective.

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  1. Mel u

    I checked Amazon for Body Parts-they had it listed (from other sellers) for $66.00-is there a better source for it-her book on Wharton is very instructive

  2. verbivore

    Mel – Hi, I’m not sure. I actually ordered Body Parts on my Kindle so it was $11 something. I’m surprised there were no hard copies on Amazon…It is a great book so far, really enjoying it.

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