Forget the fact that I am behind on almost all of my reading projects for 2010, I’m ready to start mapping things out for 2011. I never came right out and stated my projects for 2010, probably because I worried I wouldn’t be able to fulfill them, but I was hoping to move forward on two biggish projects: my 10-year reading plan and the Central and South American Reading Project. It’s July and I’ve been moving very slowly.

However, there are still five months left in 2010, so let’s hope I get back on track.

But on to 2011, because planning for a project is half of the fun. Starting in January, I’d like to get back to doing a start to finish contemporary author read. This is one of my favorite types of projects, but I’ve been having a hard time deciding who to do next. I’m favoring Iris Murdoch (over twenty novels to her name, so not sure I could finish in a year) but Coetzee and Julian Barnes (who I have never read) are also on the list. And secretly, secretly, I want to bury myself in Balzac to the exclusion of everything else. But I know I won’t do that. I’ll read more Balzac next year but not in any order and without any expectation of a ‘start to finish’.