Today at Cerise Press I reviewed Reckoning, a collection of short stories by A.S. Penne from Canadian publisher Turnstone Press:

The emotional ground in A.S. Penne’s collection Reckoning is unstable:
shifting sands, rugged terrain. Her characters search, again and again, for a
firm foothold, a space to feel safe, a secure shelter in which to debate and
assemble their difficult decisions. Penne does not grant them this refuge, is
not interested in what it feels like to make it successfully to the other side
of heartache. Instead, the seventeen stories in this well-balanced collection
are about walking the rickety bridge forward from a difficult moment, about the
dread and confusion, the indecision, the regret, the panic and anger in those
careful steps. They are about the swirl and tumult of modern heartbreak.

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