How easily the world splits. How simple it is to get everything wrong. I thought I’d worked out long ago who was the villain and who was the hero.

It’s exciting to be able to say that Unfurled will be published in October, exactly four months from this week. This also means that the book can be pre-ordered and this is a great way to show support for both my publisher Ig and the book itself. You can read more about the book at Ig and on Goodreads. 

I also wrote a bit more about the book when I announced it here.

p.s. isn’t it a lovely cover?

To pre-order:

US: Indiebound can help you track down your nearest bookshop and they can order it for you. Ordering from your local bookseller is a great way to help a book find its way farther and wider in today’s publishing world.

Switzerland: Books Books Books in Lausanne will be happy to take your pre-orders, and your orders when the time arrives.

Elsewhere: Always worth asking local bookshops, and of course the book can be ordered at Barnes and Noble, the Book Depository, Powells, and Amazon, too.

I look forward to sharing Unfurled with you soon.